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Simple, powerful marketing in your hands.

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Make sales by doing as little as possible.

Use pre-approved, pre-created templates from the message-filled library.

Send it from YOU not a server.

Messages come from your email address and your email host – not some third party server.

  • Be responsive so you look accessible to all of your prospects.

    Send messages that are optimized to fit all types of device screens.

  • Track responses because knowledge is power.

    Know when your prospect opens your message and what links they clicked.

  • Use email and text to make sure your message is seen.

    Combine email and texting to get an open rate of 90% or better.

  • Customize your message to say it just right.

    Create your own message from scratch or edit pre-created templates.

  • Schedule messages because timing is everything.

    Set your message to be sent at the optimal time for your prospect to open it.

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    Automate a series when one email isn’t enough.

    Create and send a campaign of any number of emails over a period of time.

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    Nail the 7-10 touch rule because research shows that it takes that many touches to make a sale.

    On average, prospects don’t buy until after the 7th touch - this is your tool to do it effectively.

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    Follow up with ease and in style to Wow every prospect after every meeting and every phone call.

    The fortune is in the follow up. Make sure your follow up messages make the right impression.

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    Create your own messages in seconds by adding your own graphics, text, and links.

    Add images, craft quick messages, and use trackable links to create custom emails.

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    Automate a series to use repetition with ongoing follow up value messages.

    Click “Start Campaign” once to send any number of follow up emails at any interval you choose.

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    Combine email and text to ensure your follow up is viewed by prospects.

    Combine email and texting to get an open rate of 90% or better.

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    Share messages with your team so they can send the same messages you use.

    Every message you create can be shared to your team with the power of Sharecodes.

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    Track on mobile using our iPhone app to get notifications when your follow up is opened.

    Notifications appear on the home screen letting you know the moment a message is viewed.

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    Include trackable content like proposals, documents, photos, etc...

    Instead of attachments, use Dropbox/Box links to track when your content is downloaded.

Schedule Messages to hit your contacts' inboxes at the ideal time.

Combine email and texting to get an open rate of 90% or better.

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Send in seconds so reaching out to your contacts is easy.

Browse the library, choose your message, select your contacts, send – it’s really that fast.

Track then Act
Track then act to connect with contacts who are listening.

When you know who is engaging with your content, you know who to call.

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Get replies to drive appointments.

You never know when the time is right – that’s why it’s important to always be reaching out.

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    Collect Contact Data on Your Webpages to capture leads from web visitors.

    Convert a visitor from one of the webpages we offer to a hot lead when they fill out an opt-in form to get an ebook or get your newsletter.

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    Use Autoresponders with opt-in forms to fire off automated messages to opt-in contacts.

    Select any message from your library to send as soon as a new contact submits their data. Send trade show and networking event follow up info, videos, ebooks, and links.

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    Grow a Solid Newsletter List by adding everyone who subscribes.

    Every message includes an unsubscribe link, allowing a recipient to block messages from you so you can stay out of spam-compliant trouble.

Bounced Messages View Clicks View Opens and Open Rates Opt-outs

View opens and open rates to see who’s engaging with your messages.

Knowing who opened your messages gives you valuable information about which contacts are paying attention, whether they reply or not.

View clicks to see which contacts are clicking the links in your messages.

Clicks are the best measure of true engagement and when to call a prospect or client back.

Opt-outs are managed for you.

Every message includes an unsubscribe link automatically, allowing recipients to block messages from you and allowing you to stay out of spam-compliant trouble.

Bounced messages are reported to keep your list tight and clean.

A bounced message usually means an email address is old or spelled incorrectly, which alerts you to update your contacts’ email addresses.

Review history by contact to view open and click trends.

When you know who is engaging with your content, you know who to call.

Review history by contact in the mobile app

Additional information

  • For Non-techies

    Absolutely no tech savvy needed to master all tools. Heck, there isn’t even any HTML to edit. What’s HTML? Forget we said anything about it.

  • High Delivery Rates

    Email templates are designed and tested for maximum delivery to do everything possible to avoid spam filters, promotion folders, and trash folders.

  • Opt-out Management

    Recipients can opt-out of your messages for their privacy and protection, and your compliance requirements.

  • Unlimited Emails

    Regardless of your plan, there are no limits to how many emails you can send. Plans are tiered to accommodate the amount of contacts you have.

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