Setting up your Email.

Send Email From Your
Company-Approved Email

Follow the steps below to set up Email Delivery Boost in your account . If you're unable to add your settings successfully, contact the Outstand Support Team, who'll be happy to help:
800-865-7496 - or - email them.

Contact Support

Whether you’re stuck or need a little quick training, never hesitate to contact the Outstand Support Team to get all your questions answered.


Follow these 6 steps

  1. Add an email address to your profile

    Click your profile icon at the bottom of the sidebar. Then click 'Manage Profiles'.

    Manage Profiles

    Click the icon on the right of your profile and go to ‘Edit’.

    Contact Info Tab

    Add your email address to the email address field. Then click 'Save' at the bottom of the screen.

    Address Verification

    (This is the email address your recipients will see in the 'From' field of your emails and the email address where their replies to you will go.)

  2. Verify your email address

    Check your main email program for our verification email. Click the 'Verify Your Email Address' link.

    (Didn't receive a verification email in your main email program? Check your junk or spam folder. You can resend the verification email to yourself by clicking your profile in the sidebar, then 'Manage Profiles.' Click the icon at the right of your profile to go to ‘Edit.’ The Verify Email link is at the right of the Email Address field.)
    Email Verification
  3. Turn on ‘Email Delivery Boost’

    Next to the Email Address field, click the ‘Activate Boost’ link.

    Email Verification
  4. Authorize Outstand to send email through your email account

    Click 'Authorize Your Account' and follow the prompts.

    Authorize Outstand
  5. Confirm your email settings after turning on ‘Email Delivery Boost’

    Check your email again. In the email we just sent you, click the 'Verify Your Email Settings' link. This proves that your settings are correct and you're ready to send email from your email server using Email Delivery Boost!

    Confirm your email settings
  6. Refresh to finish

    Go back to your account and refresh the browser window. The yellow message that instructed you to click the confirmation email will change to a green 'Boost is active' message.

    Refresh to finish
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